New Blog Day: Hello and welcome


Hello and welcome to this brand new blog. My name is Tom and I have a confession – I am an obsessive cyclist.

When I’m not tied up with work or the demands of family life, I’m either riding my bike or thinking about riding my bike.

But talking to other riders – friends, club mates and fellow lycra-clad weekend warriors at feed stations everywhere, it’s clear I’m not alone. The fact you’re here suggests maybe you also share the addiction, and if that’s the case then welcome – this is a safe place for us all.

I suppose I’m what you would call a ‘committed amateur’. I’m in the ‘A Group’ of my local weekend club ride, I’ve done the biggest European sportives, raced mountain bikes in America, dabbled with road racing and train as much as I can, but it’s all just for fun. I love taking on personal challenges and epic rides with my friends. I agonise over what equipment to buy next and what events to enter – but of course that’s all part of the enjoyment.

This blog is to share my take on the many facets of cycling that I come across as an amateur cyclist, and that you probably do too. I’ll aim to update it as often as I can with a mix of different posts and other content, and would really welcome any feedback, thoughts or ideas. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

See you on the road.